Arnotts growth thanks to Selfridges Management takeover

Source: William Murphy

With all of the ‘countdown to Christmas’ posts I’m sure you’re seeing plastered over social media by now it’s safe to say the Christmas season is well and truly upon us! While I myself am finding it hard to begin spreading Christmas cheer just yet (largely due to the mountain of to-be-completed-asap assignments sitting in front of me as I type) I hope the following post will serve to add a little bit of happiness to some of you. Highlighting not only the impending opportunity to go into the city centre and do some Christmas shopping, but on a separate note to show that perhaps the world isn’t all doom and gloom as we’re so often led to think!

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Arcadia Group: Finding Success with their House of Brands

So I thought I’d use my first official post to talk about one of my favourite fashion groups, the Arcadia Group. Anyone who knows me knows that if I go into a shopping centre I’m always always going to go into Topshop for a quick gander (and usually a purchase!). Whilst I’m personally a huge fan of Topshop they’re not the only wonderful brand falling under the Arcadia name, so I thought a quick post on the range of stores that have all contributed over the years to the success of this brand was a good way to kick things off here on Fashioning Business. Continue reading “Arcadia Group: Finding Success with their House of Brands”