Arcadia Group: Finding Success with their House of Brands

So I thought I’d use my first official post to talk about one of my favourite fashion groups, the Arcadia Group. Anyone who knows me knows that if I go into a shopping centre I’m always always going to go into Topshop for a quick gander (and usually a purchase!). Whilst I’m personally a huge fan of Topshop they’re not the only wonderful brand falling under the Arcadia name, so I thought a quick post on the range of stores that have all contributed over the years to the success of this brand was a good way to kick things off here on Fashioning Business.

Retail stores under the Arcadia Group are: Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins and Burton. Arcadia have been clever in each of the brands they own – not only does each store have a unique history behind it, they also manage to have something for everyone across the stores. This allows them to segment their market to target their marketing efforts whilst still being able to obtain a large portion of the market overall. Their viewing of each customer as an individual is also evident throughout their stores with differing ranges for differing individuals such as offering petite, tall and curves products in some of their stores. Although they may not always be the most student-budget friendly of price points, their stores are still cheaper than many places, offer student discounts and I myself have never had any issues with the quality of their clothing so don’t mind paying the little bit extra.

While I’m sure most of you are aware of the product offering from each of the stores under the Arcadia Group, you may not be aware, as I wasn’t, of the little extras offered by each brand which all add up and contribute to the overall corporate culture of the Group.

A little bit more on each of the brands operating within the group:

  • Topshop: not only a long standing women’s clothing store that’s worked with the best and brightest people within the British fashion industry; Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane to name
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    but a few. Topshop is also working to help and encourage the young designers of the future through their NEWGEN schemes whereby emerging designers can have the opportunity to showcase their designs at London Fashion week.

  • Topman: following their sister-store’s emphasis on being constantly up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and focusing on innovative design, Topman also collaborate with a number of up-and-coming designers within their Topman Design range. First launched in 2005 and now showcasing seasonally at London Collections: Men it’s clear that Topman are eager to remain ahead of the trends and intend to do this by seeking out individual and new designers to work with.
  • Dorothy Perkins: one of the longest standing women’s clothing stores, first established in 1919 and also one of the first to see the benefits of using celebrity endorsements in their campaigns. Outside of the fashion world, as with some other brands within the group Dorothy Perkins has shows it’s compassionate side by teaming up with Breast Cancer Care in 2004 and raising over £3million since then!
  • Burton: launched with the goal of creating personally tailored suits for the working man along with establishing a welfare scheme to improve the quality of life of their employees it’s clear that combining fashion with kindness has been a longstanding part of the Burton culture. This culture follows through from 1925 right up to more recent times with their continued support of man charities such as selling clothing to raise funds for the Bobby Moore Foundation during the 2006 & 2010 World Cup and more recently selling celeb designed clothing in aid of Trekstock, which supports young people with cancer.
  • Evans: an award-winning brand selling women’s plus-size clothing Evans has gone from strength to strength over the years, now securing the UK market leader in 14+ sized clothing. Another charitable company within the group, similarly to Dorothy Perkins, Evans is also involved with a breast cancer charity; Breakthrough Breast Cancer. They continually host in-store events and sell products during Breast Cancer Awareness month to raise funds for the cause.
  • Miss Selfridge: launching as part of the Oxford Street Selfridges store as the new face of young women’s fashion Miss Selfridge has always been a brand of firsts. From being the first brand to launch fashion advertising on buses in London in the 70’s to being the first fashion retailer to launch their own make-up range – ‘Kiss and Make
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    Up!’, it’s clear that they’re a brand who intend to stay ahead of the game to stay relevant and have certainly seen success with this strategy so far!

  • Wallis: with a strong focus on creating clothing which encourage confidence in the appearance of the women wearing their clothing Wallis have always placed a strong emphasis on high quality design. They have launched many collections over the years highlighting this. One such recent collection is their 1923 heritage collection which launched in 2010, drawing inspiration from their early design archives to bring these designs into modern day.

Arcadia have listed several key elements on their site that make up their corporate culture; customer focus, commercial flair, strategic focus, energy and drive; and their people. It’s clear to see that while each of the brands under the group have their own areas of focus and their own cultures, the elements of the Arcadia Group culture are evident throughout each one of them. Having such a united house of brands gives great strength to a company such as Arcadia, strength which is evident in any shopping centre with the brands. You’ll find them all placed together allowing Arcadia to takeover a larger retail area within the centre. It’s this strategy which has paved the way for the launch of the new Topshop flagship store in the Jervis Centre here in Dublin – something which myself, and I’m sure a lot of you, are very excited for!


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