Arnotts growth thanks to Selfridges Management takeover

Source: William Murphy

With all of the ‘countdown to Christmas’ posts I’m sure you’re seeing plastered over social media by now it’s safe to say the Christmas season is well and truly upon us! While I myself am finding it hard to begin spreading Christmas cheer just yet (largely due to the mountain of to-be-completed-asap assignments sitting in front of me as I type) I hope the following post will serve to add a little bit of happiness to some of you. Highlighting not only the impending opportunity to go into the city centre and do some Christmas shopping, but on a separate note to show that perhaps the world isn’t all doom and gloom as we’re so often led to think!

Landmark Henry Street department store Arnotts, (the historical one-stop-shop for all of you 8th of December Christmas shoppers!) much like many other retailers, was hugely impacted by the economic downturn. Falling sales figures and lower footfall in the store resulted in reduced revenue for the company – something no firm wants to have to deal with.


However Arnotts have seen a huge turnaround on this in the last year (meaning there’s no fear of it going the same way Dublin’s beloved Clearys did last year..). While rising levels of consumer trust in retailers, after suffering a significant downturn when the 2008 recession first hit, are no doubt having an influence on this turnaround we largely have the management takeover from Selfridges (who also own Grafton Street favourite Brown Thomas) to thank for saving our iconic department store!


Since their takeover in 2015 Selfridges have done much to regrow the success of Arnotts leading to soaring revenues. If you walk into the Henry Street store now you’ll find it’s been completely done up in the last year, with brighter more modern displays, the movement of some brands position in-store and the addition of some new brands the store has been totally revamped! Although if you’re anything like me you’ll still end up wandering the store getting lost and retracing your steps to find a specific brand. New brands available in Arnotts now include MAC, Charlotte Tilbury and Lifestyle sports, along with Christmas favourite John Lewis Homeware. I myself was particularly excited about having Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics available in the department store!

Although there have been extremely positive results from the improvements Selfridges have made so far they have plans for further improvement including investing in the stores website and as a digital marketer myself this is one move I can’t encourage enough!

All in all it’s safe to say that we’ll all be happy to hear that the iconic store will be sticking around for the foreseeable future meaning we’ll still get to see their ever-magical Christmas window displays this year!


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