Opsh bids farewell

The McGinn sisters, hailing from Co.Kildare have been breaking boundaries as entrepreneurs since they established their fashion blogging site “What Will I Wear Today?” in 2009, following on from this they expanded as created “Prowlster” an online lifestyle magazine which they successfully sold in 2013 before establishing their most recent venture online shopping site opsh in 2013.

opsh-com_brand_logoOpsh was revolutionary to the fashion industry and acted as a one-stop online shop for womens wear, allowing users to browse and buy from a multitude of online retailers such as Missguided, River Island, Zara and so on, from the one website.

Without any experience in technology the sisters managed to develop their idea for the website, securing large amounts of investment from Enterprise Ireland and UK investors.  The sisters saw fast success with Opsh securing a number of deals with well known high-street retailers, and quickly gained a great deal of recognition for the waves they were making in the fashion-tech industry.

Unfortunately the Opsh story has come to an end.

This week the McGinn sisters published a post on the site announcing that they would be stepping down as directors for the company. In the optimistic post the sisters acknowledged their success to date, making their (well earned) pride in their accomplishments thus far, evident. They highlighted the reason for their stepping down saying

“ultimately we fell victim to the notoriously difficult investment chasm – the chasm that exists when a sparky start-up needs to move into a global-looking machine. And so, for some of you this won’t come as a surprise. There is a distinctly unsexy side to running a start-up that made every effort to push-through almost impossible”

The sisters left the site on a positive note looking to the future for the girls and thanking everyone who has supported them along their journey so far.

While it’s disappointing to see the sisters say goodbye to Opsh there’s no doubt in my mind that this is not the end for the “sassy, creative, smart, kind and kickass” sisters. We’ll definitely be seeing more of them in the future!



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