Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all set to start a new week after a great (although miserable weather-wise here in Ireland!) weekend!

As I’m sure many of you are aware, one of the fashion highlights of the year is currently taking place – New York Fashion week! While I’d love nothing more than to be spending this week dashing around to the various shows taking place in New York I am sadly stuck in ever rainy Ireland watching the shows from afar – not quite the same experience but it’s still exciting to see the new collections being unveiled! If any of you are curious about the schedule for the week or looking for online streams of the events you can check it all out on Fashion Week Online!

I plan to do an overall wrap up post at the end of the week but couldn’t resist writing a post about the Raf Simons’s debut collection for Calvin Klein which was unveiled over the weekend!

Belgian-born Raf Simons is a man with years of experience in the fashion industry under his belt. First launching his own menswear label in 1995 through which he has collaborated with Fred Perry, Asics and Adidas over the years. Since then he has worked as creative director for Christian Dior and more recently Calvin Klein since August 2016.

Since his appointment at Calvin Klein fans have been eagerly awaiting his debut collection which was finally showcased over the weekend at NYFW. While Calvin Klein is well-known for simplistic, casual wear and it’s underwear Simons has introduced perhaps not-so-subtle odes to America in this latest collection.

Simons, always one to take inspiration from the culture surrounding him has described this latest collection as:

It is the coming together of different characters and individuals, just like America itself. It is the unique beauty and emotion of America.

With a focus on clean-cut tailoring and block prints in the collection Simons also incorporated nods to the history of the Calvin Klein brand with denim featuring as a key piece throughout the collection and labels on the jeans paying tribute to the brand’s 1980 campaign with Brooke Shields.

You can find images from the collection here.

Be sure to share your thoughts on the collection with me in the comments! And keep an eye out for my NYFW round-up post at the end of the week!


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