Welcome to the H&M fam, Arket.

Welcome to the H&M fam, Arket.

H&M released their three-month financial report yesterday, along with the announcement that they would be adding a new brand to their current portfolio, which consists of COS, & Other Stories and Monki (more on these in my next¬†Brand Watch¬†post). Continue reading “Welcome to the H&M fam, Arket.”


Fashion Institute of Technology Student Interview

A few weeks ago on my twitter I mentioned to keep an eye on the blog for an interview with a student from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. FIT has been ranked 6th by The Business of Fashion’s Global Fashion School Rankings 2016 and so is a highly recognized school within the fashion industry.

bof ranking
Source: http://www.businessoffashion.com/education/rankings/2016

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Brand Watch: Chupi Jewellery

Brand Watch: Chupi Jewellery

So today I thought I’d kick off a new feature I’d like to run on the blog which I’m going to call ‘Brand Watch’. If you remember way back when I first kicked this blog off I did a feature post about the Arcadia Group and the different brands they have within their corporation. Along similar lines to that I plan to being posting regular posts discussing different brands I like, what they do and why I like them. This week I’m beginning things by discussing an Irish brand that I absolutely ADORE – Chupi Jewellery.

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Top Inspirational Women in Fashion

Evening folks!

Just before we come to the close of International Women’s Day I wanted to take the time to put up a quick post paying homage to a few women who I would personally consider inspirational both within the fashion industry and also just as powerful women in general! Continue reading “Top Inspirational Women in Fashion”