Top Inspirational Women in Fashion

Evening folks!

Just before we come to the close of International Women’s Day I wanted to take the time to put up a quick post paying homage to a few women who I would personally consider inspirational both within the fashion industry and also just as powerful women in general!

First up is the obvious choice of the lovely Emma Watson. Although most commonly known for her work as an actress in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma has always campaigned for equality across the board. Back in 2009 she launched a collaboration with the ethical brand People Tree to design clothing made purely from ethically and fair trade sourced materials. Additionally she frequently wears outfits to award shows or galas which have been made from completely sustainable or recycled materials, such as this dress she wore to the 2016 Met Gala. Finally, and most recently, Emma has been hugely inspirational in her work with HeForShe (if you haven’t already you should absolutely watch her UN speech here). Campaigning for her feminist beliefs, and doing her utmost to change the perception of feminism in the world today definitely earns her a place on this list for me anyway!

Next up, and a little closer to home is blogger Retro Flame. Erika Fox, initially from Kerry but now living in New York is the absolute perfect example of hard work paying off. She initially began her blog purely for her own amusement with only a few friends and family reading, and has since then managed to build this blog from the ground up to the point that she’s now transformed it into her own personal brand and a full-time job! Erika is extremely active across all social media platforms and if you don’t already I’d highly recommend checking her out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!

Thirdly, and an absolute essential for me anyway is the McGinn sisters. Jennie, Grace and Sarah McGinn have really shown how hard work, determination, and not being afraid to make (and learn from) mistakes can really pay off. They’ve seen success with multiple ventures such as OPSH (which you may remember from my previous post here), their blog What Will I Wear Today and Prowlster. Something I just LOVE about these girls is their unwillingness to be knocked back by mistakes or things not working out. They always remain completely positive and I just know we’ll be seeing more great things from them in the future. Definitely key Irish entrepreneurs to watch out for!

Finally, and another online fashion store inspirational lady is the original girlboss herself Sophia Amoruso. Beginning at age 22 by selling clothes on eBay under the name Nasty Gal Vintage Amoruso built the brand up to become a hugely successful online clothing brand. Although the brand did file for bankruptcy this year and were since bought over by competitor Boohoo, Amoruso really showed how it’s possible to build from the ground up and that you don’t need years of experience behind you to be successful. She has also penned the highly empowering book #Girlboss – a must read for anyone in my opinion!

So there you have it – the women who I would consider to be at the top of their game in terms of empowering women and giving it their all! Do you have any women within the fashion industry (or even just in general!) who inspire you? There are so many more inspirational and empowering women I could mention but these are the ones currently topping my list, at the moment anyway!




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