Fashion Institute of Technology Student Interview

A few weeks ago on my twitter I mentioned to keep an eye on the blog for an interview with a student from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. FIT has been ranked 6th by The Business of Fashion’s Global Fashion School Rankings 2016 and so is a highly recognized school within the fashion industry.

bof ranking

spenseI met Spenser Corson when I spent a summer in Ocean City, MD two years ago. She’s the absolute loveliest of lovely people and with a sense of fashion and styling ability to die for, I just knew I had to interview her as part of my blog. I contacted Spenser a couple weeks back and arranged to have her answer a few quick questions about her course and her fashion thoughts that I thought would be interesting.

Why did you decide to study fashion?

I decided to study fashion because I was drawn to the idea of applying my love for fashion and style with something more practical because it is a business degree. I study fashion business management at FIT. It isn’t as glamorous or creative as one would think, it’s a lot of business concepts

What is your favorite part of your course?

My favorite part of my courses would be sociology, comparative political systems and a class I am taking right now called merchandising for omni retailing. These are my favorite classes because I think it’s so important to be not only aware of the world’s surroundings and current events, but to be someone who is able to see things from other peoples points of views. I was able to study abroad in Italy and it was the best learning/cultural experience of my life

Who is your biggest fashion icon?

My biggest fashion icon is Alexander Mcqueen. I think he was a creative genius

If you could spend the day with any designer who would it be and why?

This is a hard question! If I could spend the day with any designer it would be Kanye West. A lot of people in the fashion industry seem to disregard him as a designer, and to be honest I don’t even know where I stand on the issue, but he fascinates me. I am not even a huge fan of him and the Kardashians but i am interested to see if he’s a real person. He’s so outrageous!

What is your biggest fashion ‘don’t’?

My biggest fashion don’t, is having a “don’t”! I hate rules, like you can’t wear white after labor day, or leggings can’t be pants. Honestly who cares, just be confident, be you and wear what you want. I think if you’re dressing for someone else or what you think is cool just because everyone else is doing it, that is a fashion don’t for me. Just be yourself.


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