Last week I published a Brand Watch post about my beloved Irish Jewelry brand Chupi! This week I had the privilege of attending the launch of their SS17 collection in the lovely Powerscourt Townhouse Centre on South William Street here in Dublin. Despite the growing workload as we approach the end of our second semester of our masters, myself and my lovely college pal decided to set off into town to get our first experience of a launch event, and what an experience it was!

From the moment we walked into the Chupi store, which is located in the [MADE] storewp-1491044604578.jpg and gallery on the top floor of The Powerscourt Townhouse Center, we were in awe at the amount of gorgeous pieces and set-up of the store surrounding us. I had been in the store before, when purchasing my first (but absolutely not last) Chupi piece, but they had truly gone above and beyond with the set-up for the SS17 launch. Every last inch of the store was sheer beauty, and we weren’t the only ones walking around lusting over each new display we passed.

wp-1491044537414.jpgThe store had both their new collection, which features stunning pieces such as this gorgeous seashell necklace, and also their previous equally amazing pieces on display. It was easy to tell that Chupi is a natural as design as each element of each display was clearly meticulously planned to ensure maximum beauty and sparkle. Myself and my friend couldn’t help but stop at each one as we walked around snapping as many pictures as we could (for continued lusting and next-purchase planning).

The staff were on hand to answer any queries anyone had about the pieces and we even spotted a couple looking at Chupi’s beyond amazing engagement ring collection (how exciting!). Always one to keep the customer experience in mind we were handed the most sparkly of sparkly gold bags (which I’ll be carrying with me whenever possible now) and we even had a polaroid of ourselves snapped to keep as a memory of the lovely time we had at the event!

All in all a Chupi event is certainly one not to be missed and I’m already excited for the next one!




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