So in light of the fact that H&M announced the launch of their new brand Arket, I figured they’d be a good choice for this weeks Brand Watch. If you haven’t already check out last weeks Brand Watch post about Chupi the Irish jewelry brand!

H&M or Hennes & Mauritz, is a Swedish fast-fashion clothing company which produces a range of fashion wear for men, women and children, along with various accessories and a make-up selection also. Founded in 1947 by Erling Persson and beginning in Sweden, the company now has a global presence with stores in 62 countries and online shopping available in 32.

Within the company H&M have launched several additional brands over the years, the most recent of which (launching later this year) is Arket, bringing the number of brands owned by H&M up to six. These brands are: H&M, COS, Weekday, Cheap Monday, Monki, and & Other Stories. Each of these brands has a different offering to appeal to different market segments with the overall aim of increasing the reach and marketshare the H&M brand has.

COS focuses on timeless clothing for both men and women with a focus on minimalist pieces that can be worn beyond passing trends. True to their name (Collection of Style) the brand takes inspiration from art, architecture and technology, often establishing partnerships with artists and collaborators to create sub-projects in addition to their collections.

Weekday offers both mens and womens clothing, with a target market of urban, conscious and style aware young adults. With a focus on balancing masculinity, femininity and modern trends Weekday incorporates unique aspects such as DJ booths into their in-store experience.

Cheap Monday, although they now offer a wide range of clothing for both men and women, their initial product and their main focus is on denim jeans. The brand has established themselves quite strongly amongst the creative community and often sells it’s products through select stores creating a sense of uniqueness around their wears.

Monki is a womenswear brand which utilizes a high incorporation of colour and energy into their clothing, which, coupled with their active social media community has established them as a trendy, energetic brand for their target market.

& Other Stories is another womenswear brand, which looks to include high quality pieces, across a range of prices, which a woman can wear or incorporate into their outfit to create their own personal story.

H&M have always been a brand quite closely associated with sustainability and recycling and this is something which they have incorporated into their mission and future plans for the company. Currently, they run a promotion in their stores whereby customers can bring in old clothing and donate it in return for vouchers which can be then spent in-store. In the last week H&M released their sustainability report for 2016 and within this announced their ambitious plans to become climate positive throughout their entire value chain by 2040, and to use 100% recycled or other sustainable materials by 2030. The company believe that just because they are a fast-fashion company, this does not mean they should have to sacrifice on issues which are important to the company, such as behaving in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. An ambitious plan for sure but one which could really pay off for them if they successfully pull it off!


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