So I know I’m not alone in being very particular about my hair and getting it done. I spent many a day after getting a haircut disappointed with how it had turned out, be it too short, too poofy for my little head or just not what I was hoping for…and then I found Emma Leung, and I haven’t left a hair appointment disappointed since then!

I first started going to Emma to get my hair done around six years ago (althklhdough admittedly neither of us can remember exactly how long ago it was, but the point is, I’ve been going to her for years). Her expertise knows no bounds, and more importantly, she has no hesitations if the style I’m asking for is a ridiculous choice for me (something I’m eternally grateful for!) She’s never led me wrong with her advice for cut, colour and style, and she always listens when I say I want to keep the length, something I’m very precious about.

Last year Emma, along with the equally talented Beth Kelly, took the leap and opened their own hair salon in Malahide. Kelly Leung Hair Design opened its doors last August and it’s been out the doors busy with customers since then. The last time I tried to make a booking with Emma it took three weeks and several phonecalls to get a free timeslot, which just goes to show how talented she is!

The salon itself is beyond gorgeous, with heaps of natural light, fabulous interiors and even massage chairs at their hair basins (ultimate in luxury!). Everyone single person that works there is so friendly and it’s never that stereotypical ever-dreaded small talk when getting your hair done. Always an interesting conversation that means the time spent sitting with hair-dye in absolutely flies by (often all too quick if you ask me!).

Even more fab is the fact that they stock Kevin Murphy hair products – cruelty free but still high quality, luxurious products that will leave your hair looking amazing, win-win all round!

Be sure to check out Kelly Leung Hair Design on Facebook and Instagram!


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