My Shining Armour Dublin Pop-Up Store

My Shining Armour Dublin Pop-Up Store

Exciting news for all My Shining Armour fans – they’re launching a pop-up store in Dublin next month!

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Repost from Urban Revival: Fresh Cuts – A Fresh Approach to Fashion


So it’s no secret that as much as I love talking about the fashion industry and different brands – I’m an even bigger advocate for talking about Irish fashion stores and brands. Continue reading “Repost from Urban Revival: Fresh Cuts – A Fresh Approach to Fashion”

Brand Watch: [MADE] Store & Gallery

Brand Watch: [MADE] Store & Gallery

Happy bank holiday Friday one and all!

So this Brand Watch post is going back again to my Irish roots, discussing the wondering [MADE] Store and Gallery which is located on the top floor of Powerscourt Centre in Dublin City.

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Penneys – the store I love to hate

A while back Penney’s was accused by Irish designer Zoe Carol Wong of copying one of her designs from an old collection. As a store well-known for having pieces for sale bearing strong resemblance to other high-street stores I wasn’t surprised at this. However I was really disappointed that a store as big as Penneys would stoop so low. Continue reading “Penneys – the store I love to hate”

&Other Stories Fashion Buyer Interview

So this week, thanks to one of the fabulous girls in my course, I was lucky enough to get to interview the lovely Eimear O’Neill. Eimear is a fashion buyer based in LA for one of my favourite brandsĀ &Other StoriesĀ so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her job and her thoughts on the fashion industry.

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Kelly Leung Hair Design

Kelly Leung Hair Design

So I know I’m not alone in being very particular about my hair and getting it done. I spent many a day after getting a haircut disappointed with how it had turned out, be it too short, too poofy for my little head or just not what I was hoping for…and then I found Emma Leung, and I haven’t left a hair appointment disappointed since then! Continue reading “Kelly Leung Hair Design”

High Street Scandal – Not so faux fur!

This week the news broke that a number of high street stores have been selling items with what they claimed was faux fur but in actual fact was real! An investigation conduced by Humane Society International discovered that there were products on sale from a number of stores including, Missguided and House of Fraser which contained real types of fur. Continue reading “High Street Scandal – Not so faux fur!”