Repost from Urban Revival: Fresh Cuts – A Fresh Approach to Fashion


So it’s no secret that as much as I love talking about the fashion industry and different brands – I’m an even bigger advocate for talking about Irish fashion stores and brands. Continue reading “Repost from Urban Revival: Fresh Cuts – A Fresh Approach to Fashion”


Brand Watch: H&M

Brand Watch: H&M

So in light of the fact that H&M announced the launch of their new brand Arket, I figured they’d be a good choice for this weeks Brand Watch. If you haven’t already check out last weeks Brand Watch post about Chupi the Irish jewelry brand! Continue reading “Brand Watch: H&M”

Arcadia Group: Finding Success with their House of Brands

So I thought I’d use my first official post to talk about one of my favourite fashion groups, the Arcadia Group. Anyone who knows me knows that if I go into a shopping centre I’m always always going to go into Topshop for a quick gander (and usually a purchase!). Whilst I’m personally a huge fan of Topshop they’re not the only wonderful brand falling under the Arcadia name, so I thought a quick post on the range of stores that have all contributed over the years to the success of this brand was a good way to kick things off here on Fashioning Business. Continue reading “Arcadia Group: Finding Success with their House of Brands”