Websites & Bloggers to check out

Websites & Bloggers to check out

Looking for something to read this bank holiday Sunday? Then look no further than my list of fashion websites and other bloggers I love to check in and keep up-to-date with!

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Top twitter accounts to follow

On this not-so-sunny Sunday I thought I’d take the time to share with you my favourite Twitter accounts that I follow!

  • Firstly, no must-follow list of mine is complete without the inclusion of Irish entrepreneurs the McGinn sisters! Always on-trend and up-to-date with the Irish fashion industry their twitter is a must-follow. As well as their collective handle the girls have their individual twitter accounts which I also highly recommend!

McGinn Sisters

Jennie McGinn

Sarah McGinn

Grace McGinn

  • Retro Flame (aka Erika Fox) is a New York based Irish blogger who has style and class above most! She frequently posts about her latest style finds, interior design and her life in New York (which makes me increasingly envious with every post).

Also check out her sister Kaelin, an amazing make-up artist (and she’s recently started her own YouTube channel!)

  • Ciara O’Doherty is an irish blogger who’s always on point with her style! She posts regularly about lifestyle, fashion and travel on her blog and frequently appears on Ireland AM offering her fashion must-haves to viewers.



Brand Watch: Chupi Jewellery

Brand Watch: Chupi Jewellery

So today I thought I’d kick off a new feature I’d like to run on the blog which I’m going to call ‘Brand Watch’. If you remember way back when I first kicked this blog off I did a feature post about the Arcadia Group and the different brands they have within their corporation. Along similar lines to that I plan to being posting regular posts discussing different brands I like, what they do and why I like them. This week I’m beginning things by discussing an Irish brand that I absolutely ADORE – Chupi Jewellery.

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Top Inspirational Women in Fashion

Evening folks!

Just before we come to the close of International Women’s Day I wanted to take the time to put up a quick post paying homage to a few women who I would personally consider inspirational both within the fashion industry and also just as powerful women in general! Continue reading “Top Inspirational Women in Fashion”

Opsh bids farewell

The McGinn sisters, hailing from Co.Kildare have been breaking boundaries as entrepreneurs since they established their fashion blogging site “What Will I Wear Today?” in 2009, following on from this they expanded as created “Prowlster” an online lifestyle magazine which they successfully sold in 2013 before establishing their most recent venture online shopping site opsh in 2013. Continue reading “Opsh bids farewell”

Arcadia Group: Finding Success with their House of Brands

So I thought I’d use my first official post to talk about one of my favourite fashion groups, the Arcadia Group. Anyone who knows me knows that if I go into a shopping centre I’m always always going to go into Topshop for a quick gander (and usually a purchase!). Whilst I’m personally a huge fan of Topshop they’re not the only wonderful brand falling under the Arcadia name, so I thought a quick post on the range of stores that have all contributed over the years to the success of this brand was a good way to kick things off here on Fashioning Business. Continue reading “Arcadia Group: Finding Success with their House of Brands”

Fashioning the Blog…

So I thought I’d use my very first post to give a little insight into myself and the idea behind Fashioning Business!

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